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3D Printing –

Work with our experts to find the perfect additive process and material to create a prototype. Our team stays informed on 3D printing technologies, prototype processes, and material options, so we can provide industry leading service. At Forerunner 3D Printing we believe consulting is a part of our process and we are hands on throughout to help get the best part in the end.

Product Development –

Utilizing our in-house sister company Dewys Engineering we are able to provide complete product development services in addition to 3D printing. We use the traditional approach of starting with industrial design sketches and working into a full 3D design. We can provide a 3D printed prototype that is fully functional in the end.

CAD Support –

The Designers at DE are expert users with SolidWorks, CATIA, and many other popular CAD Packages. We can help with 2D drawings, 3D modeling, 3D assembly, advanced 3D surfacing, and more.

3D Laser Scanning / Inspection – 

Using our FARO Scan arm we are able to provide laser scanning services including the inspection of 3D printed prototypes. Utilizing traditional contact-based part probing at accuracy of+/- .0016” or non-contact 3D laser scanning at +/- .0025”. With this service we are able to give an accurate “heat” map of a printed part to CAD model comparison.

Reverse Engineering – 

Using Geomagic Design X CAD Software combined with the FARO ScanArm we are able to take digital captures of an object and perform several reverse engineering services. Capture digital recreations of hand built prototypes or unique custom parts with precise measurements allowing for digital documentation. The capture of an exterior shape on an existing part or model that will be used in the design of a new mating part.



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US Government CAGE Code: 805Z7

Locally owned and operated from Coopersville Michigan.

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