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Since the advent of electronics companies have been struggling with the need to build end of line testers, specifically Pogo pin nests. This pain point is rapidly being solved with the advent of 3D Printed Pogo Pin Nests. On this page you will find the detailed research we have conducted along with real world examples of how 3D Printed Pogo Pin Nests are now being implemented by Forerunner 3D Printing customers across their business in order to solve their long standing issues with traditionally manufactured Pogo Pin nests.

To start, we should probably talk about what exactly a Pogo pin is! Pogo pins are spring loaded probes that can be pressed into a hole to connect two PCB boards together or to allow for a electrical connection to be made with a plug that had metal pins imbedded in it. We use pogo pins that are manufactured by QA Technology and Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. when we are designing 3D Printed Pogo Pin nests.

There are many different types of Pogo pins to allow for different connection strategies, as well as different signal types and amperages/voltages. Typically, there is a spring-loaded test probe that fits into a receptacle. The receptacle gets pressed into a hole in the 3D printed test fixture to retain and hold the probe in place. See the animation below for an example of how one of these nests is assembled.

How a pogo nest is assembled

3D Printed Pogo Pin - how a pogo pin works
Example of how to pogo pin (which is replaceable) is seated in the receptacle (which can be permanently mounted into the 3D Printed nest.

The block that the receptacle pogo component is pressed into as well as the cover that goes over the removable pogo pin its self and acts as a guide for it are both ideal candidates to be manufactured with either MJF and FDM 3D Printers.

Examples of 3D Printed Pogo Pin Nests:

Curious about the electrostatic discharge rating of these 3D printed materials? Check out this page that outlines all the ESD testing work we have done.

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