Polyjet Part Design Guide

Minimum Wall Thickness

Minimum Layer Thickness

General Design Tips

Maximum Part Size

Printed Part Accuracy

Glue Joints:

Parts larger than the maximum build size can be printed with the PolyJet process by splitting them into different parts. They can then be joined together by gluing or with pin inserts. If you plan to glue parts together, you are recommended to include interlocking features such as those shown in the pictures below: as a guide to position the parts, to help them to bond together, and to facilitate the gluing process. Remember to leave an additional space of .004″ [0.1mm] – .008″ [0.2mm] between parts for the glue. At F3DP we utilize a specialized software called Magics that allows us to very easily and quickly split parts to make glue joints as needed. We offer this for free to our customers and can work with you to make sure you original design intent is maintained.

We recommend using Loctite HY4070 glue for assembling PolyJet parts. Here is a 3D Printing Glue Strength Guide.

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