Ultrasint TPU01 for the HP Multi Jet Fusion printer

Ultrasint TPU01 Nest

Ultrasint TPU01 is a multi-purpose material for application using the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing system. Parts produced with this material offer a balanced property profile with good flexibility, shock absorption and the possibility to print very fine structures with a high level of detail. In addition, the material is easy to print, and has good UV and hydrolysis resistance. This material is only available to print in the HP Multi Jet Fusion printer.

The gallery shown above showcases one of the early killer applications being pioneered by Forerunner 3D Printing by using Ultrasint TPU to produce Class A safe nesting for part handling in automated equipment. One of the major pain points for machine builders has always been how to hold on to parts that are painted, chromed, or have a delicate molded in finish without scratching them during assembly. The industry standard solution has been either using machined Delrin or UHMW nesting details or pouring cast urethane nests in a soft durometer urethane rubber.

With the advent of class A safe 3d printable Ultrasint TPU machine builders have started to heavily utilize this material due to the freedoms it affords designers like:

Examples applications

Ultrasint TPU01 is especially well suited for producing lattice structures, this opens up unlimited design possibilities. Parts created from this thermoplastic polyurethane offer excellent part accuracy, a well-balanced and strong property profile as well as high flexibility and shock absorption at low cost when compared to competing technologies like SLS, CLIP, and PolyJet.

Material Properties

Is Ultrasint TPU01 Wear resistant?

Are Nests Printed In Ultrasint TPU01 Safe For Finished Parts With Class “A” Surface Finishes?

Material Data

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