SLA – Accura ClearVue

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SLA: Accura ClearVue Technical specifications:

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Finish / Color Options:

Clear – Level 1 Strip & Ship – Excess resin is cleaned off the parts and supports are removed. Support surfaces are not sanded and are left rough. Part is transparent but layer lines are visible and looking through the part will be blurry.

Clear – Level 1 Bead Blast– Support surfaces are sanded. Bead blast applied to entire part for uniform finish. Parts have a smoked appearance like a milk jug.

Clear – Level 2 Rough Coat– Rough support areas are sanded smooth and the part is clear coated, layer lines will be visible in the clear coat but you can easily see through the part and make out details on the other side.

Clear – Level 3 Optical Coat – Layer lines removed from the entire part by hand sanding, Part is then clear coated and its as close to being optically clear* as is possible.

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