Vapor Smoothing Finish Options For 3D Printed Parts

The Vapor Smoothing process is a chemical surface smoothing method that improves the part performance, seals the surface, and offers a smooth / glossy look and feel. One of the popular applications for this finish is smoothing TPU nesting that will be holding parts with extremely delicate class A finish’s like Matte Black. The smoothing process prevents fine TPU powder from rubbing off the surface of the nesting and ending up on the surface of the part that is resting on it. This chemical smoothing process fully seals the TPU part and prevents this from happening:

We utilize both a proprietary inhouse process for TPU smoothing as well as traditional smoothing machines from AMT for other materials like Nylon 12:

Examples of Nylon and TPU rubber parts that have been Vapor Smoothed:

Here at Forerunner 3D printing we have developed a proprietary process that allows us to smooth Lubrizol Estane® 3D TPU M95A-545 OR UV Rubber material, we are one of only 2 companies in the world currently able to print parts in this material and also vapor smooth them inhouse.

Another option for a part that has been Vapor Smoothed is to combine it with another coating process like our Cerakote coating process. The following are examples of a vapor smoothed part that has had Cerakote applied to it:

Materials available from F3DP that are compatible with this finishing process:

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NOTE: This smoothing process adds an extra  3-5  days to the lead time for the delivery of parts.

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Click here to download full AMT standards and qualifications sheet.

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