MJF: PA-12 40% Glass Beads (PA-12 GB)

Key Material Facts:

For more information on how the Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) printing process works please check out this page.

MJF: PA-12 GB Technical Specifications:

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Material Certifications:


Finish / Color Options:

RAW – Part is left gray after beadblasting, this is the color of the parts after they come off the printer.

BLACK DYE – Part is dyed black after beadblasting, this is the standard finish for MJF PA-12 GB parts unless something else is requested by the customer. F3DP does not charge extra for this finish.

OPTION 2: Parts are Dyed (Black), this is the F3DP standard finish for MJF Nylon 12 parts

CERAKOTE – This is a ceramic based paint that can be applied to MJF PA-12 GB Parts, for more information please check out this page.

MJF: PA-12 GB material testing videos:

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