SLA Material – Accura® Xtreme™ White 200

Accura® Xtreme™ White 200 For Tough, High Performance Parts.

Accura Xtreme White 200, has an extremely high impact resistance, which makes it ideal for functional testing. Xtreme White produces accurate, crisp and clean detail, which is perfect for prototypes, fit, form or presentation models. These SLA parts can be sanded, primed, painted and used as final show pieces. This durable material also works well when creating snap fits or assemblies that require tougher than normal loads. Although it’s extremely durable for testing, it’s also the easiest SL material to sand prime and paint. Due to its thicker viscosity, it takes longer to build and may command a slightly higher price than general purpose resins.

Common Applications:

SLA: Accura® Xtreme™ White 200 Technical Specifications:

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